The Best Workout you can do

The Best Workout you can do

If you’re reading this website, chances are, you’re here to get a slim frame. That is what we’ll write about. Not some workout for big biceps. If you’re someone who’s been doing exercises ever since, and not losing fat – this is what you need. The slowest way to lose fat is to jump on the treadmill. And that is what most people do. See how wrong are we about fat-loss?! Read on, as we etch a new fat-burning plan for you.

Diet – Crucial to Fat loss
That is where your workout begins. Your body is shaped by your spoon, not dumbbells. If we do not address this, and rush straight to the workout – you’ll end up with absolutely zero results. Choose a diet for yourself. Paleo, Atkins or Tim Ferriss' Slow-Carb diet. And don’t quit. If you stick to a diet, that’ll take care of almost 80-percent of your fat-burning goals. Some diets (like time Ferriss') even promise you might lose fat, without doing exercise at all! So, first step? Your food.

The Best Weight Loss Workout – Interval Training
Cardio is good, and if you enjoy it – keep at it. But interval training is much better. A 15-week study, performed at The University of New South Wales, found that interval training burned 3 times more fat than cardio did. Three times!! What’s more is: interval training for 20 minutes is more than enough. So, what is interval training after all? An example workout of interval training would be: jogging at full pace for 30 seconds, followed by 60 seconds of light jogging. We’ve a workout for you, that you can start just today! 1. Running – light: Pick your smartphone up, and go to a park. Start with light jogging for about 60 seconds. Set a timer in your phone, that way, you’re more specific. 2. Running – hard and fast: After the light jogging, switch gears. Run as hard as you can – just for 30 seconds. If that seems too hard, switch to 15 or 20 seconds. 3. Repeat: Do this at least 3 times. But the more you do it, the better. Another good thing about interval training is, you metabolism is heightened for a elongated amount of time. Simply said – you’ll be burning fat even 3 hours after your hogging session. With cardio, you do not have this advantage. But there is a bad side too, and we wouldn’t hide that from you. Interval training is hard on your body. You feel exhausted. But before, setting up your mind, we’d recommend trying it.

Adding interval training to your life
Don’t rush. This is the first advice we’d give to you. Immediately switch to sprinting, and you might as well stretch a hamstring. Start slow. It is the best advice in almost any field. Start by doing interval training every Wednesday. Increase from there. And even if you don’t like it – stick to it. At least on Wednesdays. A combination of cardio and interval training will help you reach your goals much faster.


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